As a makeup artist, I have learned to appreciate that every woman, and man, has at minimum, one unmistakably beautiful feature.

The newest Dove ad campaign brilliantly explores how we perceive ourselves, and our own individual beauty; citing only 4% of women globally describes themselves as beautiful.  Dove commissioned a forensic sketch artist to draw a group of women based on their self-description of their own features.  Seeing it made me think of a word I learned recently, maître, meaning, loving-kindness towards oneself.o-DOVE-REAL-BEAUTY-570

This campaign ignited within me a desire to explore and evaluate how I view my own appearance.  Would I describe myself with maître?  Or, Would I be as self-deprecating as the women in the video? How would my self- explained sketch differ, juxtaposed with a stranger’s perception of me?  As these questions danced in my brain, I realized, once I was completely honest with myself, that, I, many times, like the subjects in the commercial, have or have had the tendency to pick myself apart, in similar ways.

I found this campaign powerful, necessary, timeless., and, at the same time, refreshingly honest and vulnerable.   If you have a moment, and you have not seen it, take a peek, I’d love to know what you think.  I thought it was important to share…


Celebrate the Pretty,


2 Responses to Self-Dove

  1. VLW says:

    That was a great blog and great video! Made me think about how I view myself vs how others view me! I love natural beauty and I think we all should more accepting of the beauty we’ve been blessed with on purpose!

  2. missp says:

    What a powerful piece to watch. I believe every woman with access owes it to herself to watch this. As we have been picked apart bit by bit by frenemies, classmates, family, significant others, and society, it is up to us women to slowly put ourselves and all of the broken pieces back together again. This, is an incredible start.

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