Perfect Lip Affair

For the past year, I’ve been in a relationship, with a lipstick.  She is perfection.  Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor hands down is my must-have, go-to, I can’t spend a day without you lip fix.

Our relationship began, when, upon applying before a 6-hour flight to LA, I landed in the City of Angels only to find my lip color perfectly in tact. We’ve together ever since.

Its texture is creamy and hydrating at application, however, it sets to what I can only describe as a fully pigmented stain that literally lasts ALL day.  Oh, and the price is friendly to  even the most modest of budgets at about $6.50 per tube.

With 44 shades of  ‘Perfection,’ my favorite, is appropriately named ‘Fairytale,‘  a beautiful pinky-coral, which I often layer over MAC Cosmetics Ruby Woo Lipstick.

 The Deets:

Covergirl LipPerfection Lipcolor.  44 Shades.  Lasts ALL day.  Can be layered under or over other brands, extending their wear.  $6.50.

Tip This: My lip jam right now is what I like to call my, ‘after major makeout look.’  To get it, just apply, blot, apply, blot…What you do after that, is totally up to you.

Disclaimer:  I speak only of my personal experience with the product.  If your experience differs, drop me a note, I’d love to hear about it!






5 Responses to Perfect Lip Affair

  1. Hello , you are awsome writer, i love your site
    Bet on mma

    • Hetsh says:

      I am disapointed that I can’t find great cooupn deals from covergirl in canada. Iam 40 years old and am a devoted customer for covergirl could you please try and find some cooupns and mail them or email them thank you kindly

      • facemaid says:


        Let me reach out to the brand and see what I can find for you. I’ll email you directly!


  2. Tency Mays says:

    Hello Ms. Flemming my name is Tency and my dream is to be a professional make up artist just like you. You inspire me not only because I’m from Fort Worth Tx (highland hills) but because you are a beautiful black woman that is different and has overcame a lot I just wanted you know that you motivate me to do better . I would love to meet you it would honestly be a dream come true.
    Thank you;)

    • facemaid says:


      Happy New Year and thanks for the kind words! I would love to hear how you’re working to make your dream come true! Let me know how I can help!


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