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‘I am NOT a makeup person.’ Ahhh, words I’ve heard throughout my career. Be it model or mom, women from LA to TX to NY, and everywhere in between, all have different issues with makeup. I’m going to challenge you to think outside the blog because I AM a makeup person.

Why blog, why now? Simple…

…Because even I get overwhelmed shopping for mascara. Because my ‘undertone’ is red AND yellow. Because I don’t believe in classifying myself as an Autumn, Winter, Summer, or Spring; I am ALL of those. Because I believe theme days are not just for bachelorette parties. Because lashes, are sooo necessary, even on a Tuesday.

So, clean your brushes, grab your mirrors, and for the love of makeup, keep reading.

Disclaimer: This is a non-self deprecating site. Celebrate the PRETTY.

Ex ex, oh oh..

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  1. MamaScorpio says:

    Absolutely LOVE the blog entry! I am not a make-up person either…or so I thought!

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